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Monday, June 20, 2011

Just a Bit on the Dreamy side ......

Day dreams, fright night mares, long shiftless naps with quiet undertones - the sensory oddity of the brains pictures, sounds and scents meant to make sense of and sort through the vast undertaking of a day or a life..........and then they grasp it in images and words that help it all seem weirder than we thought......

"The Cell" (2000) - Ugh, it doesn't work. Jennifer Lopez is a decent actress, Vincent D'Ofrino is okay and the sets, costumes and most of the music are fair to midland. Yet, this just falls apart- while watching, you will keep asking yourself, Why you've bothered. 

"The Never Ending Story" ( 1984) - Delightful if overly sweet. A definite rewatchable- you'll notice something different with each viewing.  

"Office Space" (1999) - A dream that shouldn't have been put on film and now can't get out of your head. Ick. But so worth it for this otherwise terrific odd film. Yay to Stephen Root!! 

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