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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buscemi is not just a Sandwich

Slightly creepy, slightly sexy, just a pinch of smirky bad boy and an occasional peek of innocent dumb ass .....The many sides of Steve Buscemi: 

"Reservoir Dogs"(1992) - The first time watching all that stands out is the ear ....but watch it again and all the subtle aspects of Tarantino's script become more than the blood bath he hides behind.Then we can argue about the best character - which by the way is Mr. Pink, take that Harvey Keitel.  

"Trees Lounge" (1996)- So perfect a vehicle for Steve Buscemi (Write, Director and Star) - this character study is a quiet simple film with a stellar cast.  

"Ghost World" (2001) - There is always a few hesitations when seeing a comic book come to life...this time they did okay. We have to wonder if 'Seymour' was written with Buscemi in mind? Thora Birch is amazing, Scarlett Johansson gives a us a look at building into a great actress...Again, a quiet, uneventful film built on character study and life experiences that shape us (not appropriate for younger audiences). The wonderful Illeana Douglas and the late Brad Renfro also show up with incredible moments. 

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