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Friday, June 17, 2011

Only Two More Shopping Days Left....

for Father's day....yikes! Let's make sure we have a variety of Dads covered here. Since we are all so different and its difficult to put Dads into one formulaic box - we will err on the side of DIVERSITY!!

oh my yes.....

If your Dad is Two Dads.....

and Loves Musicals: 

"The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert
(1994) - The Australians do camp so well! Here we have three amazing actors creating a tour de force of emotional ups and downs in a gorgeous setting. If you are a TV fan, you know the battle between Rocky Horror and Priscilla was never really concluded on the Drew Carey show - you might want to buy RH as well, just in case. 

If your Dad is a total sports nut and is really sad because Hockey just ended: 

"Mystery Alaska"  (1999) -  Not a huge Russel Crowe fan, but he is more than just tolerable in this cute lower end Hockey comedy/romance. Its got enough Hockey/ guy stuff to make it interesting & this time of year you don't really mind all the icy white vistas.

IF your Dad is a total and complete movie geek, likes hockey has a sick sense of humor and approves of bromances:

"Clerks" (1994)  - Ah, the action adventure of rooftop hockey when you should be working ....the true independent film required by off beat cinemaphiles to adore & revere. Plus its  a guy based sense of structure and humor with lots of high school immaturity thrown in. But more than anything its a iconic first film and a strong start for director / writer Kevin Smith. 

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