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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer in the City or The American Teenager is a little crazy

Perhaps the title should be, OH SO Emo......Teenagers are a different animal and as much as we can understand brain activity and hormones its so true what Chemical Romance shouts, "They all said TEENAGERS scared the livin' shit outta me ..So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose....' Nothing can be as scary as teenager angst movies: 

"Empire Records" (1995) - These days they are all grown up and have responsible acting careers, but way back in the day- Robin Tunney shaved her head, Liv Tyler wore a plaid skirt, Ethan Embry ooozed emotional stress and Rory Cochrane & Anthony LaPaglia hadn't become familiar cop faces on tv.....faced paced getting to know you flick with edgy grown ups like Maxwell Cauflield and Debi Mazar.

"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (1982) - Sean Penn has fortunately grown way past his portrayal as Spicolli and he is probably extremely grateful. Its one of those roles that could stereotype and haunt you if you let it. A silly stoner, wish I could get a girl movie but with impressive acting, directing and editing. Pheobe Cates, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Forest Whitaker use this jumping off point to high light decent careers. 

"American Graffiti" (1973) - Fondly looking back at the angst of the 50's teen - the first generation with true leisure time and the freedom of automobiles. Great cast, interesting premise- slightly cheesy. You'll want to keep the remote in your hand to slow down and repeat for the cars....

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