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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Minute Awesome Movie Choices for Dad

Inspiration is often found in the wee hours of the morning when the brain is awake and asleep at the same time....When a James Bond marathon sounds like the best idea ever thought of ...quick before you begin to doubt yourself, get thee to a video store! 

A complete package of Dad's favorite Bond (Sean Connery) or a mix of the three pretty good ones (Connery, Pierce and Craig) or be extremely funny and just get a collection Bonds with a premiere choice of Bond girls (Basinger, Janssen and Blackman) 

We wont' go into the obvious misogynist tendencies in a character like Bond or the men who glorify him.....but just say that the success of such films means they have a clue on the filmgoers need to see a man's man (Connery) do the things we want them to be doing.....

As films the best choices: 

"Casino Royale" (1967)- A terrific choice for anyone not familiar with the Bond films and for the Bond fanatic. David Niven is a fabulous Bond in an ensemble work - smooth, snide and sophisticated. Everything works together nicely here, storyline, acting, music. The cast is a parade of names and faces that is more fascinating than the film itself..

"Goldfinger" (1964) - Connery is the best Bond. Go ahead, argue with that....Taking a decidedly dark action picture turn,  this one is bold, stylistic and probably one of the films to inspire music videos. It flashes from day to night, from sophisticated to trashy, from action / tragedy to drama / comedy in only seconds. 

"Diamonds are Forever" (1971) - The return of Connery as Bond and Guy Hamilton as director did the franchise a great service. There is an over the top even for a Bond picture about this one that is only picked up in a few of the more recent attempts. Not as darkly juxtaposed as "Goldfinger" - this choice is lighter, faster, and brighter.

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