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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blazing Sun

A good story thrives on isolation, desperation and the building up to a good explosive emotional catharsis add to that the never ending overwhelming heat of sun, an emptiness of landscape and creation of empathy for Why don't the GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE?......and you have: 

"Gas, Food, Lodging" (1992) - Fairuza Balk, Ione Skye and Brooke Adams all carry the load of desperation and cantankerousness to a new level. A terrific study of love, loneliness and search for identity. 

"Bagdad Cafe" (1987) - Such incredible performances, Jack Palance is both endearing and creepy, CCH Pounder is frighteningly lovable and Marianne Sagebrecht is both incredibly sensual and stiffly remote while maintaining a ladylike wisdom. 

"Tremors" (1990) - Kevin Bacons stars with Fred Ward who was in "The Player" with Tim Robbins who was in .....oh, wait, thats a different thing all together....This is one of those silly but exciting films that everyone needs to see. 

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