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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Film Maven's Dad Day Tribute

Scott's Favorite Movies and why you should watch them too: 

"Gunga Din"  (1939) - When a young and emo Rudyard Kipling was hanging out in India under British rule writing poetry he probably didn't consider the impact it would have on the world of film-making. "Gunga Din" is a superb film connecting all the elements of charm, comedic timing, brotherhood, drama and romance. From the cinema-photography to the costumes and on through the direction and editing- this film fits equally with the other major productions of 1939, a year filled with unmatched film quality. 

"Drums Along the Mohawk" (1939) - Somewhat forgotten character actors like Edna May Oliver and John Carradine help build a production through the direction of John Ford that stands up against the creations of 1939 (as you may know, is the best year for films). Vistas spend equal time with emotional story telling. A true blue American myth building romantic epic.

"Northwest Passage" (1940) - Visually pretty, action sequences to rival any - One of those films that little boys play act in various forms on sandy hills and cardboard boxes using the dog, their sisters dolls and anything that is remotely shaped like a gun...Spencer Tracy, Walter Brennan and Robert Young forge a new world in another myth-building love affair with American history.

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