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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Leo G.Carroll is a spy and I dream about Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan, top of the line in hardboiled private eyes and stern but fatherly Military men, was in my dream. One of those that leaves such a spooky yet comforting effect that pictures of it linger through your brain for days. Now I can't shake him off because I saw him in at least 3 films over the weekend just by flipping channels. 

Leo G. Carroll turned up in this weird documentary style mystery about spies, the FBI and telegrams from J.Edgar Hoover.......(who is being played by Leo DiCaprio in a new film, now why couldn't I have dreamed about Leos???) ......But now the song, "Science Fiction, Double Feature" won't leave my head  because there is a line about Leo G. Carroll in it......I'm listening to it through head phones trying to dispel the spell....

"Clash by Night" (1941) - oh its a good day when you can write about a movie and slip in a Marilyn Monroe moment ..Interesting character study about seriously dysfunctional relationships, with Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan, Marilyn and Paul Douglas.....Robert is especially smarmy in this one. 

"The Bad and The Beautiful" (1952) - Leo G. Carroll is the character you are waiting for when you don't even know you are waiting for some one.......As he enters the scene its like a tiny breeze of fresh cool air on still humid night....just for a few moments there is something refreshing you think has passed by ....

"Tarantula" (1955) - This is a must see movie for many reasons, now I've added an extra- Leo G. Carroll...have fun! 

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