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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Should this ever be a film?

Great books turn into amazing films or complete duds, there doesn't seem to be a middle ground. ....Its an awkward transformation, one that must not be taken lightly and so often doesn't  work as hoped. While I've enjoyed the Harry Potter films - the books are resoundingly better entertainment. Rebecca was a terrific adaptation as was Wuthering Heights (but perhaps that was the era of film making?)    Its a relationship between the fantasy visualization of hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of  thousands of people and a filmmakers interpretation, not possible to match.  Its a great (okay, HUMONGOUS) risk to attempt such a thing. 

So it must be asked, what of your favorite books should never be a film? What book are you sorry became one? We should include graphic novels, short stories as well as novels. 

Here are my three: 

"Confederacy of Dunces" (John Kennedy Toole, 1980) - Yes, fellow readers, a movie is once again being tossed around - This time its Will Farrell as Ignatius ...Too many lovable intricate characters, too much heart felt sadness - This just won't play as a film. Don't attempt it. 

"Hello Kitty Must Die" (Angela S. Choi, 2010) - Fabulous, sneering, sarcastic and witty - Until audiences will accept a truly amazing woman in complete rejection of her 'role' and like her, this film can't be made. To stay true to the characterization as written by Choi, our heroine must be left to our own inner world. Its the novel representation of things you think but never say out loud. 

"Geek Love" (Katherine Dunn, 1989) - Too many elements, characters and grossness, not easy translated to a visual medium. It might be impossible for film makers to leave the complete emotional bankruptcy intact. They might attempt to create a hero or cutesy development to this dark comedy and that would just not do. Leave this wonderful, enchanting Circus family to its twisted mind bending words across the page for readers to imagine for their own wicked selves. 


vollsticks said...

Will Fucking Ferrel??!!?? Oh my fucking God. He has not one ounce of the pompous intellectual gravitas that an actor would need to play Ignatius,in my opinion. Oh, but he can make funny faces....fucking idiots.....

film_maven said...

LOL- you are reading my mind Vollsticks!!I really can't think of anyone capable of becoming Ignatius.