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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Rant about Television or Where to find the hottest guys

Finally, (Finally) popped in a copy of the first season of The Tudor's (CBC, 2007 - 2010) - I know I'm way way behind on TV stuff- but it was just never the right time. Was prepared to spend part of a rainy Saturday afternoon catching the whole first season. Oh, forgive me Goddesses who made Jonathan Rhys Myers so awesomely gorgeous. What a horrid show. When did Henry the eight start channeling Elvis? And not to be overly picky, I like boobs just like anyone else, but seriously? So that was a dismal failure. 

Like any good American woman, I went directly to the internet for a few missed episodes of "Castle". Be still my heart, Nathan Fillion is adorable, the show is cute and mindless - just the ticket. Nathan first pushed on the small screen in "Two Guys, A girl and Pizza Place" which didn't survive that great name....then did a fab job on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as the evil priest...only to be starnapped by Joss Whedon for his pet project......."Firefly" which somehow turned into "Serenity" ....But, the super fun part (we are back to "Castle").......two very funny mentions of "Grey Gardens". Uh. Who knew television writers watched documentaries? 

"Match Point" (2005) - Jonathan Rhys Myers and Scarlett Johansson are an interesting couple in this twisty Woody Allen picture about desperately trying to be something you're not.

"Waitress" (2007) - Cute and sharply written - Keri Russell (again) surprises you with her down to earth slightly bland but actually really good acting skills. Very well cast with Jeremy Sisto and Nathan Fillion in fairly predictable roles. - Adrienne Shelly  wrote a nicely human film. 

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