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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Bobby Zimmerman

Bob Dylan songs are like mini movies, they tell you a story - help flesh out pictures in your head and give you that emotional connection through senses that most music doesn't touch. Wishing the Happiest 70th Birthday to Mr. Dylan.......

"Masked and Anonymous" (2003) - Great music, terrific actors - much more of a  surreal cult indie film than a big motion picture. Dylan is not an actor, but allows the ones around him to do their thing. Not for your average movie goer, but music and film maven's need to see it. 

"I'm Not There" (2007) - You haven't seen anything until watching Cate Blanchett BE Bob Dylan - its eerie....Amazing and incredibly interesting- move this to the top of your list. 

"Don't Look Back" (1967)- What can be said? Iconic. 

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