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Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Baby.....

A little mimosa, a tiny piece of cake and a whole lotta fun! Happiest of birthdays to these celebrities, who give inspiration to film ....Happy Birthday David Beckham, David Suchet and Fredrick Wray.

"Bend it Like Beckham" ( 2002) - So so many ways to  go here....Did anyone know who Beckham was before this film? Certainly the gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Myers was a mystery until this cute film popped up. More importantly however it gave us not only the stunning Parminder Nagra to come star in and flame new interest for the Doctor show "ER" but also brought forth the lovely Keira Knightley. All that aside, this wonderful simple coming of age film offers generational and gender dimensions that make it important as well as fun to watch.

"A Perfect Murder" (1998) - Its those small parts that sometimes are so intriguing a person can carry away a film....this would have been a decent film if it hadn't tried to be a remake of an already perfect movie.....Anyway- it does offer us a long haired bohemian artist lover in Viggo Mortensen and that is well worth watching.. However, David Suchet's few moments on screen are captivating and notable. Of course we all love him as the perfect Hercule Proirot but he does lend a mysterious and sophisticated addition to this un-perfect murder that again, make it worth watching. 

"Desperado" (1995) - This was a tough choice in film writing but it had to be done on the notable quality of the music if we are to celebrate Link Wray.....A sort of remake of "El Mariachi" Robert Rodriquez's first film (which is way better for lots of reasons) of the stand out qualities of "Desperado" is the plays a great role in most Rodriquez films, however, here with Wray there is a lonesome, sexy tone that changes the atmosphere and gives it an extra sumthin.

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