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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, Monday

It is a beautiful day here in the Motor City, cool enough to drink that perfect cup of French Roast blend with a touch of hazelnut cream but warm enough to bask in the sunshine. This does make it difficult to think about being indoors watching films. However, with Chaz Bono giving the inside scoop on his experiences, it might just be the perfect time to dust off a couple favorite 'figuring out my life' stories- these are not films you revel in and want to re-watch every few years, but once you see them they are unforgettable. 

"Ma Vie en Rose" (My life in Pink, 1997) - Sweet, careful, and sensitive- the simplicity of life from the eyes of a child, just be who and what you are. 

"TransAmerica" (2005) - And here we are in complicated grown up land, where nothing is what it seems and the simplicity of living and feeling are torn and tossed about by secrets and fear.  

"Hedwig and the Angry Inch" (2001) - So tragic yet so completely funny - this is a character you know instinctively is based in real life. Not for the squeamish nor the homophobic (or maybe especially for them). You will fall madly in love with Hedwig and not want her for a neighbor. 

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