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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Man oh Man ......

Yep, its a theme week...Men. 

John Wayne: When you are named Marion in American culture you either quickly change it or become uber macho...Mr. Wayne did both. The epitome of a man's man John Wayne struts, spits, smokes, drinks and loves like a cowboy. If he were acting now, would he be the lovable Dad guest star on some hot TV show? 
"Stage Coach" (1939) - As an ensemble cast member John Wayne jumps out as the sweet faced edgy cowboy. He pulls the camera eye towards him and refuses to let it go. and is a pretty decent film too. 

Bruce Willis: When Bruce sang, "Here she comes just a walk'n down the street" in the TV series "Moonlighting" the TV audience swooned. He was sweet, snarky, cute and oh so badly good. Over the years he has used that smarky attitude to defeat some awesome bad guys. It just seems like he is having too too much fun being the action hero. 

"12 Monkeys" (1995) - Who cares if the set up is confusing and ultimately lost in the story? Terry Gilliam directs this sci-fi greasy action pic with BIG moments and little asides, creating a fun fast moving intricate picture. Its one of the only films to recommend with Brad Pitt, so enjoy!! 

Danny Trejo: Okay, I must confess- since "Desperado" I've had a mad crush on Danny Trejo and for some reason get such a kick out of his acting even in really super bad films. Plus he did a stint on "Y&R" and any macho dude doing a soap is just adorable right?
"The Replacement Killers" (1998) - What fun to be able to pick this one, because Chow Yun Fat was almost my third macho man to write about! A terrible, mindless film, with way to much movement attempting to compensate for the script. However, I've watched it more than once and enjoyed it. Like most action for action's sake pics its just fun and loud.

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Ed said...

I love the moment in RK when the assassin decides to help and he blow out a stream cigarette smoke and says, "I'll need guns."