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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Grey and cloudy, raindrops fall slowly to the ground....the air is warm and still.....Why does this make it perfect for watching French Films? uh- it just does. Enjoy! 

"Breathless" (1960) - Beautifully filmed French drama about dating a mysterious man-boy. It might be fun to watch this one and then the Richard Gere remake, but they are definitely two very different films in every way. 

"La Femme Nakita" (1990) - ah, again, it would be fun to watch this and then the weak simpy version with Bridget Fonda but why bother? Just watch this one twice! 

"Delicatessen" (1991) - ooh, perhaps the French were feeling very cynical in the 90's - This one, like "Nakita", is full of harsh mocking sadness and looks at the world through tragic innocent eyes. Delightfully wicked black comedy.

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