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Monday, April 11, 2011

What can you do? He was good.....

Having recently watched "12 Angry Men" for the umpteenth time, during the entire film I kept wondering WHY?

The movie is boring. It all takes place in one room with a bunch of old guys. We don't see any of the real 'action', never find out the truth, don't even get to see the murder! Never even see these men in any real situation - so why should we care what they think or listen to them blather on and on..............Yet, I didn't turn the channel. 

Why? The performances are captivating. Not only did Director Sidney Lumet have a cast of indelible talent but he pulled from each of them the best they've ever been. Often his films are just as described, nonstop talking, describing, emoting, of what might have, could have or should have....with out really showing the audience anything....but .....the magic he works on the individual, the framing of the scene, the belief an actor gives of his characters existence - that is the talent of Sidney Lumet (June 1924 - April 2011). 

 "12 Angry Men"

"Dog Day Afternoon"


Captivating character driven epics of human nature in all its loneliness, fear, bravery and lust. 
Thank you Sidney Lumet.

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