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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crazy Brilliant

In the echos of Hollywood, some place spot lit with murky edges lies Vincent Gallo. Teaming with angles of dueling elements. Is he brilliant / crazy, ugly / beautiful, talented / awkwardly lucky? We would safely choose all of the above. Frantic / quiet, stony / gregarious- Gallo is painter, musician, film maker, actor, model, street boy, friend, enemy. 

"The Perez Family" (1995) - A stellar cast and director, this film of immigration shows the blending of the new American family. Gallo captures the moments he is on screen - the camera loves him but he is surrounded by actors who's craft and ability to hold the camera is in abundance.It is slightly jarring through editing - there is a stilted element that stops it from being a great film. 

"Buffalo 66" (1998) - Agonizingly strong story telling - Ricci and Gallo are painful to watch yet riveting. As are Houston and Gazzara, holding the frames in solid watchable moments that are with out redemption. Raw, amusing and tender. 

"Get Well Soon"(2001)- Awkward, stumbling, choppy. Film mavens and Gallo fans have to  absolutely watch this and enjoy, other wise can't really recommend it.

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