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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty Day for a Garden Walk

Had a blog planned out for spooky films, but now am inspired by the warmth of this pleasant Sunday to talk about Gardens and various vistas of nature. Spring weather has been hiding from us here in Michigan, but hopefully those cute little crocus, spring-bells and tips of hyacinths are signs of sun. This gray blah beginning of Spring is dragging its heels and hanging by jagged fingernails onto the bitter dullness of winter. Let's delve into a few wicked gnarly outdoor spaces and then relieve our souls with an English rose or two.

"Grey Gardens" (Documentary 1975 & HBO film 2009) - One can't possibly do one with out the other. It would be awkward to view the documentary and not discover some of the before and after provided by the film. Fascinating quirky mother and daughter  create an intriguing vista of a once grand garden and insight into private lives of socialites. 
 Edie Beale in the front garden 
of the family East Hampton estate.

"Garden State" (2004) - The Garden State of New Jersey is shown here in all its oddity. From the affluent quirkiness of the main character's family, its most appealing view a gardenish wall paper with matching shirt to the dull frozen graveyard for hamsters in a working class girl's backyard. The best view of the 'garden' is the pit, a massive sink hole guarded in a sense by a family living in a dry dock boat. 
 Director/Star Zach Braff with co/stars checks out the pit.

"Enchanted April" (1992) - The romantic clothes, food, tea and gentile temperament of an English country side set in an Italian vacation. Lovely garden scenes will distract you from the story line. If you've seen it, just play it with the sound down and catch occasional glimpses of incredible views while doing your housework.

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