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Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

Joyous Earth Day everyone!! 

As we all go about our day picking up trash, prepping our garden space, working with neighbors to plant rain gardens, joining in city groups to combat blight or contributing to treehugging associations to repair loss of rain-forests, let's take a few moments to acknowledge those who's hard work and awareness brought these issues to light:

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, at first thought to be a little kooky, Ms. Carson's research and observations has proven to be one of the most important in eco-balancing awareness. This 1962 book is just as readable today. An American Experience did an incredible documentary very much worth watching  - 

 Naturalist John Muir also provides writing for us to change the way humans view the natural world.starting the Sierra Club and providing written accounts of our national parks.  The film "The Boyhood of John Muir" as well as an American Masters documentary offer insight and intrigue into the mind of a classic American adventurer.

 Environmentalist Aldo Leopold writes of nature from the inside - participating in the being, sound and rhythm of a unified existence. "A Sand County Almanac" rolls off the page into a readers vision. Below are links to a portion of his book and a site dedicated to the film inspired by Leopold, "Green Fire", take advantage of both.

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