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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Be the Change you Want to see in the World -MG.

Today is change the world day. 
My own special holiday of documentaries.

"Food Inc." (2008) - Not as gross or surprising as you might think. Informative with out being exploitative, interesting with out being preachy. Its all the stuff we know but really don't want to think about.  Its TIME to think.

 "Grown in Detroit" (2010) - Don't let the D-word scare you. This lovely, timely, important film doesn't gloss over the realities of teen motherhood- but allows a peak into the solutions and creative aspects of teaching children how to be grown. It took the vision of Dutch documentary filmmakers to show what the media will not share with you - Detroit revolutionizing the world. From Urban Farming to food safety to local Agri-Business Catherine Ferguson Academy is utilizing the greatest most important natural resource we have to make change for a better way of life, our children.
 Help save their school - Insist the media give proper coverage, sign the petition, buy local.

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