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Friday, July 20, 2012

Lonesome, desperate, Jarmusch

With a new decade of indie films, the 1980's are a beacon of flickering sadness,  misfits and demented edginess into post modernism...we no longer wanted the epic sweeping tale but the segmented selections that represented our lives...not one fluid story but small pieces that make up who we are one understands this better (or by accident) than Jim Jarmusch....

Stranger Than Paradise - (1984)- Two friends and a girl..the age old story..but told in tiny kitchen, a beach side motel - with cigarettes and stilted male style dialogue....with out growth, understanding or anything really stumble upon the scene and can't take your eyes off them. 

Dead Man - (1995) - an epic tale, with many things happening..yet Jarmusch still manages to pull it into the post-modern segmented nothing story that we love. Johnny Depp is not icon nor lovely but stiff, small and odd- surprising cameos dot the landscape and Gary Farmer steals the movie. 

Limits of Control -(2009) - If you haven't experienced a Jarmusch film, do not watch this one first....Its not his best - its not overly interesting - its not even a good film for film study - but its riveting, watchable and romantically filmed. A character unlikable and cold our assassin becomes child like and automaton - giving way to secrets, affairs and silliness. 

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