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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Movie Thoughts, odd rumbles and Where have you been? freaks ....its been an odd odd year .....Won't make you cry with details of my tragedy......but the Filmmaven will be a little macabre for a while ...bare with me ....the perky will probably return at some point lets get some sad sad movies, a mixture of salty sweet treats, a large box of tissue and find the ramblings of sweet sweet torture on film.......................(and no we haven't forgotten the coffee portion of our blog, french roast beans mixed with a touch of hazelnut and a smidgling of light so wicked) .

Crybaby - (John Waters, 1990) - Yes Johnny Depp lovers, he is the teen idol of my youth.....nothing says so like Crybaby..a John Waters nod to the sparkle on Davy Jones' tooth, the glimmer in David Cassidy's eyes...not top in the dialogue for a Water's film, but the visual elements, the surprise coyness of the direction and not to forego the lone tear drop ....makes this film a must watch for which YOU are not the one crying....

The Color Purple - (Novel by Alice Walker, Film directed by Steven Spielberg, 1985) - There are too many moments in this film that you had better keep that box of tissue close by and not watch with someone you harbor angry feelings towards cus you will want to exact revenge on someone at several parts. Whoopie Goldberg easily becomes the lovely, dim victim Celie, as does Oprah Winfrey as the has to be tough Sofia ....great elements of dramatic cinema take place between the lines...its best to watch it once for its story and again later to note some of the creative directorial choices. 

UP - (Pixar, 2009)- Many young people complain this film is too sad ...For us of a certain age, its beautiful and sweet with a few sad moments have a love for most of your life, loosing them is hard but the having is so so worth it and something we need to treasure ....but then the strange part of Carl's life begins and opens up to what his love wanted for him....a gift of adventure. Extremely well done, neatly paced and surprising through out ....Just FUN!! but keep a tissue or two in your pocket (or tucked up your sleeve). 

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