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Thursday, July 19, 2012

yeah..I hate these movies ....because they made me cry

Dear Film Nuts, 

I'm back, I'm angry, I'm hurt. I'm not going to say nice things about these movies .....mostly....cus life sucks. 

The Film Maven 

Untamed Heart -  (Director Tony Bill, 1993) - I have to admit, Christian Slater has had an interesting career for someone who can't act ....He is hammy, generally Christian in most roles and obviously trained in the soap opera world of head tilts instead of expression school of acting (ala Meg Ryan) ...but he does have a knack for picking awesome movies ..(Yes, Heathers is one of my all time favorites) that works, I'm not sure I can explain.....Marisa Tomei on the other hand, a soap opera veteran herself, is an amazing actress with some odd but not great films to her credit and some incredible films and perfect that works I'm not sure I can explain either ...but in this really bad, super sad, yes you should watch it film ....The baboon heart boy is just so stupid you want to smack him really hard before she jumps into bed with him. 

Seven Pounds - (Director Gabriele Muccino, 2008) - Will Smith has a gift, he is good looking, smart, funny, can sing and chooses movies with a charm like no other. Seven Pounds (what weighs that you might ask...and google the answer) is a film we would not choose for him, Rosario Dawson is not a woman we would cast him with, Barry Pepper is never ever in a serious role fer sure, ......and the ending is one that Hollywood should never approve of given its history in film ending switcheroos.....Every moment is somewhat riveting seek the sadness set up by mood and music ...but can't stop watching..because that great Hollywood ending is going to happen, right? (2 tissue boxes even if you already know). 

City of Angels - (Director Brad Silberling, 1998) - Speaking of Meg Ryan, she is here in this my least favorite film of all time. Okay, I exaggerate - but I do really hate this film. but not because its bad, but because it caught me up, for goodness sakes it states that Angels live at the LIBRARY and if you know my passion for the library ..well..that is just incredible screenwriting ...and then ...they mess it all up by forcing a bit of reality all over the ending. That is just so so wrong. When I sit through a movie, especially a love story I want my true hollywood ending PLEASE.Thank you. However, Dennis Franz as an that is just funny.
 (Please also note, director Brad Silberling was caught up in his own tragic real life event...his girlfriend Rebecca Schaefer, known for her role the the Pam Dawber TV show My Sister Sam, was murdered by an obsessed fan in 1989).

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