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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Presumptive Princess

Prince Albert II of Monaco was married yesterday, I know right? Never thought that was gonna happen. So its seems (yes, WIKI is a wonderful thing) that Albert's illegitimate children have no claim to the throne and its become of great concern that he has no direct heirs. So his sister Princess Caroline (totally our favorite right?) is heir presumptive. I'm not sure if its the stars in my eyes created by a Hollywood princess, but I've always found the Grimaldi's fascinating. 

In dedication to the lovely Grace Kelly who's charm and wit stole the heart of many, she was our American Princess long before marrying into royalty: 

"Dial M For Murder" (1954)- I had the honor to see this in 3D at the Redford Theater in a far northwest corner of Detroit on a rainy Friday evening. It was captivating.  Robert Cummings is smooth and fresh, Ms. Kelly is bright and lovely, both setting a perfect background for the devious calculating schemes of Ray Milland. Director Hitchock doesn't need over the top production to make this film riveting and satisfying. 

"Rear Window" (1954) - This is a perfect contrast film to "Dial M For Murder" to showcase Ms. Kelly's talent. Here she is slick, sophisticated and seductive. The perfect juxtapose to Jimmy Stewart's immobility she is flexible, rash and complex. 

"High Society" (1956) - There must be something about this play - it almost can't be done wrong. Normally, I would rant about remakes - but this one works for all the wrong reasons. No one here fits into good casting. If you watch "The Philadelphia Story" with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant you'll see what I mean....yet...this is a really decent film on its own. Humorous, well timed, cute and as we know, the camera loves Ms. Kelly well suited as a rich flighty love interest. 

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